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This section contains information on how the website www.nord-composites.it manages cookies in relation to the processing of personal data of users of the website. For complete information on the processing of personal data carried out by Nord Composites Italy Srl as part of its relations with users, please see the privacy policy.

The data controller is the owner of the website, i.e. Nord Composites Italy Srl, with registered office in Monfalcone (GO), via Timavo 61, Contact details: privacy@nord-composites.it.

1) What are cookies?

Cookies are strings of text that websites visited by users (so-called Publishers, or “first parties”) or different websites or web servers (so-called “third parties”) place and store the data on the user’s computer, so that they can be sent back to the same websites on the next visit. Each cookie contains various data (e.g. the name of the server it comes from, a numeric identifier, etc.), may remain on the system for the duration of a session (until the browser is closed) or for longer periods and may contain a unique identifier.

2) What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used for different purposes depending on their type. Some are strictly necessary for the proper operation of a website (technical cookies), others optimise its performance to offer a better user experience, others enable the collection of anonymous statistics on the use of the website (such as analytical cookies), while others allow personalised advertising to be displayed (such as profiling cookies). Depending on the purpose for which the cookies are used, it may be necessary to request your consent for their installation.

3) What type of cookies do we use?

– technical cookies.
We use cookies that are necessary to enable browsing of the website www.nord-composites.it, any user registration and use of the services offered. As these cookies are essential for the proper operation of the website, the user’s consent is not required. The lawful basis for processing the data is therefore provided by Art. 6(1)(b) and (f)of the GDPR.

– third-party cookies.
Google Analytics. The service offered by Google Analytics is used to provide the owner of the website with a range of statistics and information about visitors to the website. This service does not involve the identification of the users of the website, as techniques are used to anonymise the data collected. More information about Google Analytics can be found here: (* insert link to Analytics *). The use of this service meets a requirement of the owner of the website and complies with the guidelines that allow analytical cookies to be assimilated to technical cookies. As the use of this service may lead to the transfer of personal data to the USA and therefore of protection of personal data cannot be adequately guaranteed, in compliance with a strict interpretation of the GDPR, the user’s consent is required in order to enable these cookies. The lawful basis for processing the data is therefore provided by Art. 6(1)(a) GPDR.

YouTube. The website embeds the YouTube video player, a service provided by Google. The default setting blocks the operation of the embedded plugin unless the user authorises its operation. Without this authorisation, Youtube cookies are not installed. The service is preset to use only those cookies that are necessary for its operation. However, if the user has previously logged in to his Google profile, the conditions applicable to the Google service used by the user will apply, to which reference should be made. As the operation of the video player is not essential for visiting the website and third-party cookies are used, the user’s consent is required for data processing. The lawful basis for processing the data is therefore provided by Art. 6(1)(a) of the GDPR.

4) How do we process the data and how long do we retain it?

The data collected is processed exclusively for the purposes described above, according to the principle of minimisation set out in the GDPR.

Personal data is recorded and stored on electronic databases located in Italy and in EU countries. Retention and processing are entrusted to the Data Controller, who also operates through providers of website management, hosting and system administration services. These entities are appointed as data controllers and, as such, receive adequate instructions to ensure compliance with data security.

The data managed by Google may be processed on servers located on US territory. The agreements concluded between the data controller and the service provider appointed as data processor contain clauses aimed at ensuring the protection of personal data. However, full and complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed due to the different data protection regulations in force in the USA and for this reason the use of such cookies is subject to the user’s consent.

The retention period is 1 month for technical cookies and 26 months for analytical cookies. In the case of registration, the retention period is set in line with the contractual deadlines. In this respect, please see the privacy policy or the contractual terms, where applicable.

5) Rights of the data subject

In relation to the processing of data, if the conditions are met, the data subject may exercise the rights provided for by the applicable legislation. In particular:
a) access their personal data held by the data controller;
b) obtain the rectification, updating, integration and deletion of their personal data;
c) request the limitation of processing;
d) object to the processing;
e) obtain data portability;
f) lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (Data Protection Authority).

To exercise these rights, the data subject can send an email to the following address: dpo@nord-composites.it
Any termination of the agreement or any refusal by the data subject to allow the processing to continue shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing previously carried out in accordance with the aforementioned lawful basis.

6) Blocking cookies and more information

We remind the user that it is possible to manage and deactivate cookies directly from the settings of the browser used (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc). More information on the procedure to follow can be found on the website of the browser provider. It is important to know that deactivating technical cookies may affect the operation of the website.

Finally, we would like to mention a totally free service available at http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/ where you can not only acquire further information on cookies, but also check the installation of several cookies on your browser/device and, where supported, also disable them.