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At NORD COMPOSITES Italia, we take environmental issues very seriously and work daily to reduce the Carbon Footprint.
Ours is a 360° commitment to reduce emissions, reduce consumption and consider eco-sustainable aspects.

For this reason we have started an internal review process of all sources of pollution or energy waste, for example the replacement of lighting systems with new low consumption LED lamps and the reduction of heat loss in our offices and production plants. .

The installation of new devices has allowed the reduction of gas and energy consumption by about 10% and thus reducing the emission of CO2 and NOX between 25% and 40%.
This is the first step of a gradual process for which every year we draw up a list of objectives which we verify the realization on time.

By applying our experience to the service of the Environment, we have developed a series of resins using PET packaging plastic which, thanks to our technology, can now become not a waste for the Community, but a resource that is recycled in order to be part of of the polymer of our resins to replace other raw materials derived from fossil sources. In this way we have given PET new life, thus avoiding abandonment in the environment.

One of these resins has already been registered according to the regulations of the RE MADE IN ITALY management system, obtaining the relative certification:

For many years this has been our green philosophy: transforming what is a SOCIAL DUTY of every company into an OPPORTUNITY that is environmentally sustainable both from an environmental point of view and also from an economic point of view.