We are a producer and formulator of resins, gel coats, bonding pastes, pigments.

About Us

Established in 2012, NORD COMPOSITES Italia produces alkyd resins mainly intended for the production of paints for the most varied sectors (wood, iron, traffic island, etc.), unsaturated polyester resins intended for both the production of glass fiber reinforced composites and composites not reinforced (among the main fields of application we can mention nautical, automotive, pipelines, marble resin agglomerates) as well as adipate resins for the production of polyurethanes.

The development of the company is continuous, with strong growth and a succession of investments that quickly led it to complete the initial project capacity of 30,000 tons / year.

In this regard, the company’s intention is to continue with the development with a market target tending to 50,000 tons / year.

NORD COMPOSITES Italia has passed in a few years from a predominantly Italian market to a European one.

The current company objectives include the development of BIO products and the production of resins deriving from the recovery of recycled plastics (second life plastic).

At the same time, NORD COMPOSITES Italia is working to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing emissions and constantly improving the efficiency of thermal and energy systems. Making use, where possible, of clean and renewable energy sources.

Our strengths


We devote a lot of effort and resources to research and development to formulate products that meet customer needs, current regulatory requirements, ensuring high quality.

To meet these aspects, various and rigorous laboratory analyzes are carried out, NORD COMPOSITES Italia also has the quality certification ISO 9001:2015


An efficient organization and high production capacity allow us to have fast delivery times at the service of our customers.


Specific and targeted solutions to support the technical expectations of our customers.


Substantial and permanent investments in research and development for the continuous improvement of our products and processes

3 research and development laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment

A team of 20 technicians dedicated to research and development

Active listening to our customers and the composites market

Social Commitment

At NORD COMPOSITES Italia we take the concept of “corporate social responsibility” (corporate social responsibility or CSR) very seriously and have embraced the idea that the importance of a company is not merely economic but also has a significant social impact and positive.

For this reason we have decided over the years to support various initiatives of public interest, from large and small sports, to scientific research and social commitment.

Below are some of our most recent collaborations:

I Bambini delle Fate is a social enterprise that since 2005 has been responsible for ensuring economic support for social inclusion projects and paths managed by associations and third sector entities, aimed at children and families with autism and other disabilities

To this end it is exclusively engaged in regular fundraising activities through the formation of groups of supporters throughout Italy.

Through a widespread network of collaborators, entrepreneurs and citizens are actively involved so that they “nearly adopt” and accompany an inclusion project over time


I Bambini delle Fate & Nord Composites Italia

Nord Composites Italia has been a partner of I Bambini delle Fate since 2020 and with it actively and economically participates in various social inclusion projects.


Audace Sailing Team is a project of the University of Trieste which involves over 70 students in engineering studies: as a sports team it won the 1001VelaCup 2021, an international university competition, with the Dedalo skiff – a boat designed and built entirely by the students of the Team.

AST & Nord Composites Italia

Nord Composites has been a sponsor of the project since 2021.
We collaborated in the creation of Lina, the second boat made by AST and the first built entirely in composite material.
Lina’s hull, internal structures and deck were in fact made of a sandwich, with an innovative composite based on flax fiber and bio-based epoxy resin, coupled with a recyclable polymer foam core. The entire forming process was carried out in infusion.
The Lina project represented a big step forward for the student team, both from a conceptual point of view and in terms of implementation complexity, and for this reason the technical – as well as economic – support of the partner companies was decisive.
The mold of the boat, in fiberglass, was created by the students thanks to the products supplied directly by Nord Composites: NORESTER® 2550NV polyester resin, NORESTER® 842 vinylester skin coat and GC 206/2 vinylester gelcoat. The wooden hull from Dedalo was used as a model to create it, which at the end of the process was recovered without suffering damage, thus allowing us to have two “twin” boats.
To find out more about the Audace Sailing Team project, visit the website audacity.units.it and follow the team pages on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Green Commitment

At NORD COMPOSITES Italia, we take environmental issues very seriously and are committed to reducing the Carbon Footprint on a daily basis.

Ours is a 360° commitment to reduce emissions, reduce consumption and consider eco-sustainable aspects.

For this reason we have started a process of internal review of all sources of pollution or energy waste, for example the replacement of lighting systems with new very low consumption LED lamps and the reduction of heat dispersion in our offices and production plants .

The installation of new devices has allowed the reduction of gas and energy consumption by approximately 10% and thus reducing CO2 and NOX emissions by between 25% and 40%.

This is the first step in a gradual process whereby every year we draw up a list of objectives whose achievement we verify on a timely basis.

Applying our experience to the service of the Environment, we have developed a series of resins using PET packaging plastic which, thanks to our technology, can now become not a waste for the Community, but a resource that is recycled so as to be part of of the polymer of our resins to replace other raw materials derived from fossil sources. In this way we have given PET new life, thus avoiding abandonment in the environment.

One of these resins has already been registered according to the regulations of the RE MADE IN ITALY management system, obtaining the relevant certification.

This has been our green philosophy for many years: transforming what is a SOCIAL DUTY of every company into an OPPORTUNITY that is eco-sustainable from both an environmental and economic point of view.

Discover the products made and formulated by us

Innovation is at the heart of our production process. With constant monitoring of customer requests and market innovations, Nord Composites is able to offer complete and diversified product ranges adapted to customer needs.

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Our commitment for a cleaner & more united world

At Nord Composites Italia we take environmental issues very seriously and are committed to reducing the Carbon Footprint on a daily basis.




Our green commitment

A 360° commitment to reduce emissions, reduce consumption and consider eco-sustainable aspects.

Our sporting commitment

For the community, for health, for young people.

Our social commitment​

To create a relevant and positive social impact.

Commitment and Sustainability

Transforming a social duty into an opportunity.